Modified atmosphere

packaging (MAP)


Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) is a widely spread procedure to extent shelf life and improve the fresh look of packaged goods. The idea of MAP is to replace the atmosphere inside the packaging by a modified gas mixture.
The most common gases used in the food industry are nitrogen (N2), carbon dioxide (CO2) and oxygen (O2).


Standard vacuum pumps can be used for MAP processes with nitrogen and carbon dioxide, but not for oxygen enriched atmospheres. Due to the highly flammable and reactive characteristics of oxygen enriched gases a special vacuum pump is needed. The Becker O2-PACK line of products is specially designed and approved for MAP processes with oxygen levels >21%.


Suitable for applications with increased oxygen concentrations (>21%):

  • Fomblin© oil
  • Use of BAM-compliant materials

Same overall length as U5. standard:

  • Despite additional oil separation stage
  • No external oil separator

Three-stage oil separation:

  • Coarse separator
  • Air oil separator
  • Additional separator

Available sizes: U 5.71 – U 5.301