Additive Manufacturing

Optimise Your Metal 3D Printing with Becker's Additive Manufacturing Solutions

Experience the pinnacle of additive manufacturing with Becker's gastight blowers and components designed for metal 3D printing, delivering premium quality results.


Our gastight blowers are engineered to meet the high demands of metal 3D printing, ensuring an optimal and generative production process. Becker's technology enables efficient inert gas recirculation and pneumatic powder conveying within Additive Manufacturing systems. With our systems, there's zero risk of oxygen infiltration or the loss of costly inert gases, eliminating the potential for oxidation and lack-of-fusion defects.


The outcome? A significantly better production environment, an absolute necessity for a premium parts quality. What's more, our blower speed regulation, achieved through frequency converters, guarantees a consistently smooth flow, even when process conditions change.


Count on Becker's gastight heat exchangers to have the temperature within the build chamber under control for homogenous part properties. It's time to take your metal 3D printing to new heights with Becker.



With our long engagement in gas recirculation and AM applications, we truly understand the importance of the gas flow for a high-quality inert atmosphere. Becker is your solution provider, from single components such as gas-tight blowers and heat exchangers to complete systems.

Blowers and components


With so many criteria to be checked when choosing an AM solution, it is easy to feel overwhelmed. That’s why it pays to partner with Becker. With decades of experience in gas recirculation, we are among the pioneers in 3D metal printing. Blowers and components – We have the perfect solution for your individual AM machine integration needs.


Flyer AM Blowers and Components

VideoBecker blowers and heat exchangers Made in Germany for small to largesr 3D metal printers.

VideoVASF side channel blowers with VARIAIR frequency inverter – also available as a gas-tight version.

Blower applications

  • Gas Recirculation

    Recirculation of inert gases in laser fusion 3D metal printing machines

    Gas Recirculation

  • Evacuation

    Evacuation of 3D metal printing machine construction chamber prior to filling with inert gases


  • Pneumatic conveying

    Conveying of metal powder with inert gas (under inert conditions)

    Pneumatic conveying

Becker CycleAM


Enabling the next level of Premium-Quality 3D Metal Printing. – Rethinking the entire laser powder bed fusion process lead us to the development of a new gas recirculation- and filter system for AM machines. Find out how you can realize the maximum productivity through uninterrupted long build jobs.


Flyer CYCLEAM – AM System Solution

Becker_CycleAM for 3D Metal Printing

VideoBecker CYCLEAM – Gas Recirgulation- and Filter System for Additive Manufacturing.

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