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Vacuum Pumps and Central Vacuum Systems, Compressors, Accessories and Original Parts

Becker provides vacuum pumps, central vacuum systems, compressors, accessories, spare parts, and customized vacuum solutions for numerous applications in various industries around the world. With innovative solutions, a wide range of services, and years of experience, Becker solutions enhance the efficiency of plants, ensure a high level of availability and reduce maintenance costs. With more than 135 years of industry experience, even if Becker don’t have the product you need, Becker can help you find someone who does.

Vacuum Pumps

From 0 to 1013 mbar, primary pumps to booster pumps, positive displacement pumps to turbo dynamic pumps, Becker vacuum pumps cover a wide range of operating pressures, principles, and technologies. Each has unique advantages in regard to vacuum level, flow rate, cost and maintenance requirements, but the basic outcome is the same, creating vacuum for a specific application. Regardless of operating pressure, pump type or technology, understanding the function of the pump is critical to the proper design and operation of any vacuum application.


Vacuum Pumps

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In the world of compressed air, understanding the pressure level and flow requirements for your application is critical to choosing the right technology to maximize the desired outcome. From 0 to +2 bar, we offer a number of different technologies to provide the proper air flow to satisfy your low pressure requirements.



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Pressure/Vacuum Pumps

Originally, pressure/vacuum pumps or combined pumps are uniquely designed for the printing industry. The demands of the feeder on a sheet fed printing press require vacuum for gripping each sheet while the pressure side, or blast air, is used to be sure the sheets are separated. Becker combined pumps reach a vacuum level of -0.6 bar and maximum pressure of +0.6 bar simultaneously. This done by using a secondary suction port, so when the vacuum level is increased the blast air side is not affected. Although the print market is the main use for these pumps other non-printing customers have found these pumps to be the perfect fit for them.


Pressure/Vacuum Pumps

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Vacuum Systems

When maintaining vacuum or a specific vacuum level is mission critical, multi-pump systems are generally the best answer. With the advent of frequency drives, single pump options are available, but they do not provide the redundancy of multiple pumps handled by a common control panel. Just like choosing a pump, understanding the required vacuum level and flow is the most important factor in choosing the right pump technology for your vacuum system. Becker’s variety of pump technologies and control options fit almost any need.


Vacuum Systems


Parts & Accessories

No matter what pump technology or manufacturer, using the right accessories and replacement parts is essential to the proper operation of your vacuum or pressure pump. Accessories are generally external to the pump and range from all types of filtration to gauges, starters and beyond. Using original spare parts is vital to ensuring a long life of your pump. Cheap, knock off parts always result in premature pump failure. You get what you pay for!


Becker Online-Shop

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Increase the longevity and performance of your pumps

Only Becker original parts are specifically engineered, manufactured and tested to deliver the optimal performance of your Becker vacuum pumps, compressors and regenerative blowers, and vacuum pump parts. Becker original parts are not only guaranteed to fit but help maintain valuable warranty coverage.

Original OEM vacuum pump parts maximise the life of your equipment while lowering your annual maintenance costs.

Consider keeping a Becker Preventive Maintenance Kit on the shelf to ensure you have all the components on hand for regularly scheduled maintenance. Use allways Becker vacuum pump oil.

We stock a full range of replacement parts. Our knowledgeable staff can help identify the right part and make sure you get it when you need it! 

The benefits of using genuine parts:
  • Lower annual maintenance costs
  • Optimal pump performance
  • Extend the life of your pumps
  • Maintain warranty coverage
  • Increase efficiency
  • Full inventory in stock and ready to ship
  • Friendly, knowledgeable staff

Contact the Becker sales or customer support now for help with selecting the best vacuum pump replacement parts to fulfill your requirements.