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Why are BECKER vacuum pumps the heart of your vacuum packaging process?

As a full-line supplier, Becker offers you customer-oriented vacuum solutions that can be optimally integrated into your applications; be it in vacuum table and chamber machines, inline thermoformers to inline tray sealers, vacuum tumblers or vacuum cutters.

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Compact. Robust. Modular. Durable.

The first 40 m³/h vacuum pumps for table-top packaging machines.


  • Three different variants for all applications
  • 40% faster evacuation time compared to the industry standard
  • Low operating noise

Learn more about the convincing highlights of the oil-lubricated rotary vane vacuum pump U 5.40 in the video.


Advantages of a centralized vacuum system

The animation shows how:

  • Up to 25% faster evacuation times
  • Less heat and noise
  • Less odour and aerosol emissions
  • Improved working environment
  • Highest energy efficiency

Becker_Vacuum Packaging for Food

Learn how the conversion to a central air supply system can pay for itself by means of a real project.

Together we can do it better!
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Becker Central Systems

Becker Central System Amortisation


Just a few clicks to find out if a centralized vacuum system brings you savings and other advantages.

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Our premium service starts with personal and free advice even before the purchase!


  • High quality – Made in Germany
  • Increased reliability and efficiency of your machines
  • Numerous sizes from 4–630 m³/h

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Premium Service

  • Free technical advice
  • Pump inspection - for all your pump brands
  • On-site service
  • Direct help in case of emergency due to spare pumps in stock
  • 140 years of vacuum expertise

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Original spare parts

  • High efficiency and long service life
  • Smooth function due to optimal fit
  • Reduction of the risk of failure
  • Minimisation of your maintenance costs
  • No additional repair costs

Application examples for vacuum pumps

  • Pick & Place»

    Opening of foil bags and sacks in filling processes

    Placement of food and luxury food, such as chocolates, into packaging

    Pick & Place»

  • Evacuation»

    Reduction of oxygen content in chamber packing machines

    Acceleration of maturing processes in tumblers in the meat processing industry

    Evacuation of tubes, bottles and containers in the filling industry


  • Extracting»

    Extraction systems for automated slaughtering systems


  • Pneumatic Conveying»

    Conveying of food, such as cereals, flour, sugar, and pulses

    Pneumatic Conveying»

  • Blowing & Injecting»

    Pressure build-up in pneumatic fruit and wine presses

    Blowing & Injecting»

  • Degassing»

    Improving the shelf life of food

    Preventing trapped air in ceramic materials

    Degassing of pasta products