Vacuum Systems

with vessel

Whenever a certain vacuum needs to be provided, vacuum systems from Gebr. Becker are employed. Systems for a continuous provisioning generally contain one or several vacuum pumps mounted on a vessel.

Vessels are available in the sizes 90, 250, 500, 750, 1000 and 1500 litres in horizontal versions. They are hot-dip galvanised internally and externally. For the automatic regulation of the vacuum level, the systems are equipped with a electrical cabinet. It includes a transformer for power supply of the pressure switch, time relay, On/Off switch, main switch, operation and fault indicator as well as operating hours counter. A suction filter, shut-off valves and a condensate drain are also included in the ready-for-connection delivery. Furthermore, all systems are designed so that they can easily be equipped with additional accessories such as separators, ball valves, etc.


If vacuum provisioning has already been arranged for or is not required, the pumps may also be consolidated in a space-saving rack system. For instance, a medicine rack can be equipped with 3 dry running vacuum pumps from the VTLF series, secretion separators and electrical cabinet. In addition to even bigger oil-lubricated vacuum pumps, 2000 litre vessels can also be used for centralised systems. The pumps and vessels are then installed separately. The highly flexible Becker vacuum system can thus always be optimally integrated in the customer application!


Becker Vacuum System with Vessel (VT 4.40)

VT 4.40 in sound proof box SH 19
on vessel incl. electrical cabinet