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Roots booster vacuum pumps

Roots booster vacuum pumps, or roots blowers are dry positive displacement pumps. They operate using the Roots operating principle, a working principle similar to rotary vane pumps. These pumps are the ideal solution when fast pumping speeds are required.


In the case of contactless and oil-free compressing Roots booster pumps, two symmetrical lobes rotate in the working chamber. The rotating lobes do not come in contact with one another or the housing during this process.

In combination with an oil-lubricated rotary vane vacuum pump, Roots booster pumps, or Roots blowers are often used in pumping stations to achieve a very high volume flow with a deep final vacuum.


*Differential pressure Δp

Markets and applications

As a leader in the field of suction and blast air, Becker offer complete solutions driven by your individual needs. Our roots vacuum pumps are the ideal solution for many industrial applications. Click on your market or application below to learn how Becker’s roots booster vacuum pumps can help your business or application.


    Primary Packaging and Food Processing

    Whether you have an inline tray sealer, chamber machine, rotary chamber machine, tumbler or mixing chambers our robust vacuum pumps keep your machine running.



    From food processing and packaging, to thermoforming and manufacturing, the removal of air or gas from a given space is one of the most wide ranging applications of vacuum pumps and systems.


    Vacuum pumps are the preferred solution for removing gases, air, moisture, and vapour from processed materials like plastics, ceramic, and pasta to improve the finished product quality.


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