In central systems, multiple single pumps on separate production machines are replaced by just a few larger vacuum pumps and/or compressors in a separate room (control room, basement etc.). The units are connected to the production machines via pipes.


Central systems provide your machines with on-demand vacuum and blast air, which means energy savings. Noise levels are drastically reduced in employee work areas. Each pneumatic supply in a centralised system is equipped with its own frequency converter. Thus, the pneumatic requirements of each production machine can be continuously adapted for any given operating point. By average, frequency-controlled units operate at a relative speed of approx. 65%. Overall, this leads to significant energy savings over separate units and devices without speed controlling.

Becker Centralised System_VADS 1500

The animation for the food packaging industry on the right shows typical problems of decentralized production areas:

  • Lack of speed
  • Pump failure
  • Nigh noise and heat emissions
  • Aerosolemissions


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