Applications of Becker products
in the meat industry


When it comes to popular British grub, you’ll be hard pushed to find a list that doesn’t include a Sunday roast, bangers and mash or a lovely steak and ale pie. Hearty, meaty meals. But even though meat is a key ingredient in so many of our favourite dishes, how often do we think about the tech that powers the meat industry? At Becker, we might not know the best way to season a sausage, but we do know a thing or two about making the meat industry more efficient. From the abattoir right through to the butcher’s shop, aeration and vacuum equipment are vital components in meat production and processing. Here’s a look at where you might find some of our products…



Scalding tanks

The temperature of a scalding tank needs to be carefully controlled, but there are other considerations too. Keeping the chemical balance right, clearing effluent and pumping wastewater away safely. Due to the strict regulations in poultry and meat processing, it pays to have an efficient system, which means you need efficient pumps and effective aeration. Our SV range of vacuum pumps and low-pressure blowers are ideal for this aggressive application. The anodised versions have been specifically designed to cope with the excessive moisture, therefore extending the life of the pump.

Wastewater treatment

Wastewater from machinery and cleaning down must be treated before heading to the sewer. Some larger abattoirs have even installed their own biological treatment systems. The Becker SV side channel blower and our BCP claw pump are just two of the ideally suited technologies for this application. They are tried and tested and very robust. Plus, the pumps can be sized to suit your requirements.

Other applications

You’ll also find our products being used in:

  • Blow tanks
  • Sludge tanks
  • Cleaning equipment
  • Air knives
  • Evisceration
  • Spinal cord extraction
  • Waste transfer

These are just some of the areas where our technology helps abattoirs and meat producers to maintain high standards and comply with strict industry regulations.



As well as meat production, our products are integral to food packaging, and that applies to all types of food, not just meat products. From thermoforming, CAP or MAP and skin packaging, right through to carton erecting at the end of the production line, we have vacuum technology to support every stage.

Centralised vacuum system

When it comes to large meat processing plants, a centralised vacuum system is hugely beneficial. And at Becker, we can design, supply and install centralised vacuum systems that:

  • Reduce your energy consumption
  • Reduce your energy bills
  • Increase your packing speed
  • Reduce machine downtime
  • Remove heat, noise and oil from your production area
  • Reduce maintenance costs

A cascading control system allows for an even wear process across your pumps. And with built-in redundancy, you can service your pumps without interrupting operations or causing disruption in production areas.