the life and soul on any party

Everybody loves a celebration – a night out, a party, a festival. Who doesn’t enjoy a good get together with friends? But some party-goers rarely get a mention, even though the party wouldn’t be the same without them. What are we talking about? Vacuum pumps and blowers of course – the very products that Becker specialises in. And even though they hardly ever get talked about, Becker products are the unsung heroes of festivals and parties; here’s why…

Liquid refreshments

Vacuum pumps and blowers are used extensively in the beverage industry – everything from aeration of beer, bottle filling and can and bottle drying. And it’s not just beer – wine-makers also benefit from our technology. Aeration can be used to introduce oxygen to help wine breathe and soften before it’s bottled. Vacuum pumps can be used to keep water out of the lines and oxygen out of the bottles to keep wine at its best. So if you’re throwing a party or attending a festival, it’s highly likely that somewhere along the line, your beer, wine or even your soft drinks will have been made possible by a Becker product!


Food for thought

When you’ve been dancing and drinking all day or night, you can’t beat a bit of grub to help you refuel. And that amazing smell coming from the burger van is made possible by vacuum. Vacuum and pressure equipment is used in bakeries, meat processing plants and dairy farms – all the places where your key burger ingredients are manufactured. But it’s not just the bread, patties and cheese slices that we help bring to life. Our products are used in making food packaging – the trays that hold your burger and the ketchup and mustard bottles that give you easy access to your choice of sauce. Of course, it’s not just fast food vans that benefit from our products. Those tasty snacks – crisps, pork scratchings, peanuts – they’ve all been packed using vacuum technology. So just like with the drinks industry, our products play a major part in the food industry too.

Answering the call of nature

Isn’t the best part of any festival the queue for the loo? Perhaps not, but at least porta-potties are preferable to the bushes. And while you probably don’t think twice about where your waste goes once it’s been flushed, someone has to. Most portable toilets work in the same way – anything that goes down the loo ends up in a big container that can hold gallons of the stuff we’d rather not think about. Vacuum technology is used to suck this waste into tanks to be removed from site and disposed of safely. But that’s enough toilet talk for now. After all, we don’t want to be a party pooper!


The sound of music

One of the most important elements of any festival or party is the music, and you might be wondering how on earth we’re going to take credit for that. After all, Kylie isn’t exactly singing into one of our vacuum pumps. But where our products do come in useful is in manufacturing all that sound and lighting equipment. Because many of those fiddly little electrical components are manufactured using precision technology. And many of those machines utilise our innovative vacuum solutions. From pick and place technology to keeping the area dust-free, our vacuum pumps play a major part in the electronics industry.

Make it Becker.

We weren’t exaggerating – Becker products really are the life and soul of the party. Ok, we might not be the most glamourous or exciting guest, and we’ll never be the headline act, but without our technology, parties would be far less interesting. And if you’re wondering how we can help your business be more fun at parties, we’d love to chat. If you’re a small manufacturing business with vacuum equipment, you might well have a Becker product hidden somewhere inside – and if you don’t, you should. Because our products are made to improve efficiency, reduce downtime and keep your production lines running to plan.And it’s not just standalone pumps that we supply and service. We can also design and configure a centralised vacuum system, tailored to the requirements of your business. Central vacuum systems provide your machines with on-demand vacuum, reducing energy costs, minimising noise levels and improving line efficiency.

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