About Belca

BELCA is a medium-sized Spanish manufacturer of packaging machinery, competing in the same sector as companies such as ULMA or FRIMAQ. They’ve been manufacturing packaging machines since 1990, but their industry experience goes much further back. Their range of machines include thermoformers, shrink tunnels, tray sealers, pallet wrappers and more. BELCA share many of the same values as BECKER – with a commitment to innovation, the environment and quality. This is why we were so keen to
speak to them about working together.



INDUSTRY: Manufacturer of packaging machinery


Forming the partnership

“We wanted to get out of the dictatorship of the main supplier of pumps
and opt for a brand that was more flexible, more dynamic and with better service.” - BELCA


When we started our talks with BELCA, they were already working with a well-known competitor, but they were unhappy with the pricing, delivery times, poor service and lack of flexibility. They wanted to move away but were concerned that their customers would mistrust another brand of vacuum pumps. Luckily, we were able to show them the benefits of choosing BECKER – a German manufacturer with a history of 140 years in the vacuum industry. But it was our flexibility and willingness to go the extra mile for their customers that convinced them we were the best choice. To solve the problem of the mistrust of their customers, we offered to extend the guarantee of our pump to two years on top of what BELCA already offered.


Providing the solutions

BELCA now buy all their vacuum solutions from us for use in their machines, including Booster systems with Roots Booster Systems RBP 500 & 1000, U5 O2-PACK oxygen vacuum pumps for film dragging and U5 oil-lubricated vacuum pumps for their tray sealers. They are particularly impressed with our RBP sound levels, which are much lower than those of competitor products.


“Some of its virtues are the little noise they make and the little heat they emit.
As they are machines that are in packaging rooms, it is very important for everyone.”


As part of our service, we also help them with calculations, resolving problems, centralised system configurations and much more besides. We are their solutions partner, not just their pumps provider.


The outcome

Although we excel at manufacturing leading vacuum solutions and providing exceptional service, we aren’t always as good at shouting about it. Having BELCA as a partner allows us to demonstrate the quality of our products to a wider audience. And being a trusted supplier of BELCA also means we are a trusted supplier of their customers too, which is fantastic. But the partnership is not only beneficial to BECKER. BELCA are extremely happy with the solutions we have provided.



Here’s what they had to say about us:

“BELCA is not going to look for another alternative because we are sincerely satisfied with Becker’s service and quality.”





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Becker Partnership with Belca Spain