NEW U 5.40 (XL K), U 5.45 and U 5.65 (XL K)

Becker oil-lubricated vacuum pumps

ideal for vacuum packaging of food, but also for many other applications


Why are BECKER vacuum pumps the heart of your vacuum packaging process?

As a full-line supplier, Becker offers you customer-oriented vacuum solutions that can be optimally integrated into your applications; be it in vacuum table and chamber machines, inline thermoformers to inline tray sealers, vacuum tumblers or vacuum cutters.


Compact. Robust. Modular. Durable.

U 5.40 – The first 40 m³/h vacuum pumps for table-top packaging machines.
  • Three different variants for all applications
  • 40% faster evacuation time compared to the industry standard
  • Low operating noise
U 5.45/65 – The ideal solutions for free-standing chamber packaging machines.
  • Two sizes in different variants for all applications
  • Best cold start performance
  • High water vapour tolerance


Flyer download: U 5.40 (XL K) / U 5.45 - U 5.65 (XL K)



Learn more about the convincing highlights of the new oil-lubricated rotary vane vacuum pumps in the videos.


Becker_U5.45 and U5.65