25 ways to reduce your
personal carbon footprint

At Becker, we are committed to reducing our carbon footprint and ensuring that every product we make is designed to be as efficient as possible. Our goal is to help our clients make their businesses more sustainable too. But it’s not just businesses that should be more responsible when it comes to the environment. We can all do our bit to look after the planet. Here are 25 ways you can reduce your personal carbon footprint.


Installing a smart meter will help you identify when and where you use the most energy so you can make savings.


  • Ditch the tumble dryer – hang your clothes outside to dry or use a drying rack
  • Go LED – switch your lightbulbs to energy-saving LEDs
  • Upgrade your white goods – when the time comes to replace your washing machine or dishwasher, choose an energy-efficient model
  • Switch off at the wall – don’t leave TVs or computers running on standby; turn them off at the plug
  • Smart heating – switch off radiators in unused rooms and don’t heat an empty home
  • Reduce shower time – set time limits for showers to save water
  • Use eco-settings – run dishwashers and washing machines on eco-friendly settings and with full loads
  • Collect rainwater – use rainwater for watering plants, flowers and grass in the drier months
  • Choose rail over air – take the train instead of the plane
  • Book economy seats on flights – travelling first class on flights is the equivalent of twice the emissions of a standard economy class ticket
  • Consider a staycation – reduce the number of long-haul flights you take by staying local or choosing short-haul destinations

Cut down food waste and take time to find out how your food is sourced and made.


  • Meal plan – plan your meals in advance to avoid buying excess food
  • Reduce your meat consumption – add more vegetarian meals to your diet and aim for one or more meat-free days per week
  • Cut down on dairy – try adding some dairy-free alternatives to your diet



Opt for eco-friendly brands or sustainably sourced products when buying new. Choose reusable over disposable.


  • Look for pre-loved items –consider buying second-hand clothes, books, toys, phones and furniture instead of brand new
  • Choose natural fibres – look for clothes made from natural or sustainable resources
  • Repair and refurbish – repair or refurbish broken or damaged items instead of buying new
  • Reduce cosmetics – cut down on the number of cosmetics and grooming products you use
  • Change your toiletries – switch to shampoo and conditioner bars and soap to cut down on plastic waste
  • Buy loose fruit and veg – opt for package-free goods wherever possible
  • Take your own bags – invest in a good bag for life or reuse old carrier bags when you go shopping
  • Reduce, reuse and recycle – reduce the amount of waste you send to landfill, reuse items when you can and recycle as much as possible

You might not be able to do all these things in one go, but if every person implemented just a handful of small changes, it would make a huge difference. What small change will you make today?



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