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BECKER vacuum pumps and compressors

Basic principle of claw and oil-free rotary vane pumps – BECKER product overview

This compact webinar covers the operating principles of claw pumps and oil-free (dry-running) rotary vane pumps. In addition to the design, the webinar covers typical features, technical data, special characteristics, equipment and accessories of the Becker pumps. It will also be answered for which application the pumps are most suitable.


Webinar content

  • Basic principles
    • Design and features
      • Dry running rotary vane pumps
      • Claw pumps
  • BECKER rotary vane pumps and claw pumps
    • Variants
    • Characteristic curves & technical data
    • Accessories
    • Maintenance
    • Advantages of BECKER pumps
      Suitable for various applications
  • Q & A session at the end
 09:00 AM - 10:00 AM (Europa/Berlin)
 Online via MS Teams