With Becker, we won't
let our customers down

KIMLA is continuously advancing its CNC technologies and beyond, including fiber laser and software development, providing cutting-edge solutions to their customers worldwide.



“We can only allow the most robust and reliable vacuum pumps with our top quality products. Together with excellent service and support, it‘s the perfect match for our clients. With Becker, we can be sure that we will not let our customers down.”

Piotr Dudek

Production Director




The relationship between Becker and KIMLA goes back to 2002 when Becker was still represented by a polish distributor. The cooperation started with oil-lubricated pumps and side channel blowers with ware installed in KIMLA CNC routers to fix materials on the vacuum table. During the partnership Becker proposed an alternative solution. Together with KIMLA and their customers, investigating the technology process, we switched from oil-lubricated pumps to pumps from the dryrunning TLF series. The reasons for this were the reduction of maintenance costs, eliminating oil mist from the working environment, and increasing processing quality and efficiency.

Today only CNC milling machines for metal workpieces are equipped with oil-lubricated vacuum pumps.



KIMLA’s R&D team was happy to get solutionoriented technical consultation along with the high level of after-sales services. Today, the direct subsidiary of Becker in Poland is taking the best care of the Kimla Team.



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