Oil-Less Vacuum Pumps for
Secondary Packaging

Highest Reliability at the Lowest Operating Cost

Becker has been manufacturing and supplying oil-less vacuum pumps to the secondary packaging industry for over 70 years. You can find Becker vacuum pumps on virtually every type of packaging equipment and in almost every kind of packaging environment. From package inception to package shipment, Becker is there every step of the way. No matter what equipment you have, we have the pump solution for you.


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Becker oil-less rotary vane and rotary screw vacuum pumps have a wide range of packaging material applications, such as:


  • Tray Formers
  • Pick and Place Fillers
  • Robotic Cartoners
  • Carton and Case Erectors
  • Palletizers
  • Baggers
  • Blister Pack and Clam Shell
  • Cappers and Fillers
  • Weighers and Sorters
  • Inserters
Oil-Free Vacuum Pumps. We have a wide range of models to choose from to meet your secondary packaging needs.


Becker oil-free pumps

The Becker Advantage

The advantages of Becker’s complete line of oil-less vacuum pumps will save your company maintenance time, downtime, and money.


  • No Oil – No need to change oil and separators.
  • No discharge oil mist – Keeps your plant environmentally clean and no oil smell.
  • No sludge – No oil to overheat and clog oil return lines.
  • Carbon vane technology – Low maintenance cost and minimal downtime.


Industry Leaders You Can Trust

Founded in 1885, Becker Pumps is the leading supplier of vacuum pumps and compressors to the packaging industry. We manufacture our high-quality pumps in Germany and have received recognition as industry leaders from both The Association for Packaging and Processing Technologies (PMMI) and the Robotic Industry Association.