How are vacuum pumps used in the
woodworking industry?

You’ll find Becker products being used across a wide range of industries – from food manufacturing to electronics to wastewater treatment. But our vacuum systems are particularly popular in the woodworking industry due to their efficiency and quality. Built to excellent standards, they help minimise the wastage that occurs due to wood slippage or vibration caused by poor vacuum. Plus, they are designed to be low maintenance and reliable, reducing unplanned downtime. Here are just some examples of where our technology is used within the woodworking industry.



Vacuum fixing for CNC machinery

The most common use of our vacuum technology is to fix workpieces on CNC machines. If your vacuum is weak, it can cause boards to slip, which impacts the quality of the cut. You might also experience vibrations which can cause the board to chip or damage your tools. Becker products are built for efficiency and reliability, fixing your workpieces firmly in place.


Pick and Place

You’ll find our products in pick and place technology used in the automatic loading and unloading of machines, gantry systems and hose lifters for wood panels and boards.


Evacuation, extracting and conveying

As well as vacuum fixing and pick and place, our products are also used in the woodworking industry for:

  • Supply of sub-pressure in lamination and coating systems
  • Vacuum support for drying and impregnation processes in autoclaves
  • Conveying of pellet and wood chips
Multi vacuum systems

When space is an issue, we can custom-build multi-pump vacuum systems to suit your router needs. These are perfect for spoil board applications and can be operated incrementally to match production demand, save energy, and reduce operating costs.

Your multi-pump system can be duplex or triplex, built in a space-saving vertical arrangement. Each pump will have its own inlet filter and relief valve filter, as well as being connected to a central inlet filter.


Centralised vacuum systems

Having a centralised vacuum system means that you no longer have single pumps in your production area. Instead, all pumps are moved to one centralised location. This reduces the heat and noise emissions in production areas, creating more comfortable working environments.

Centralised systems also give you greater control over your vacuum supply at each operating point, making them far more energy efficient, and reducing your operating cost.

And with a built-in redundancy system and low maintenance requirements, servicing is simple, minimising the likelihood of unplanned downtime and keeping your machines running for maximum productivity.


There are plenty of great reasons to choose Becker for your vacuum systems. After all, we’ve been manufacturing vacuum equipment since 1885, so we know a thing or two about how to do it well. But if you’re still not convinced, here are just a handful of reasons you should choose Becker.


  • Solution-focused
  • Ongoing servicing and 24-hour call-out
  • Genuine parts
  • Quality, efficiency and longevity




Becker pumps always excel when it comes to longevity. We have pumps active today that have been running for 20+ years for our clients within the woodworking industry.