Inspiring Inclusion
Becker celebrates International Women’s Day 2024


Join us in celebrating International Women’s Day, as we hear from female voices from across the globe. Each colleague has kindly offered their thoughts on how Becker encourages them in their careers.


A prominent day in our calendars each year, International Women's Day (March 8th) is a global day celebrating the social, economic, cultural, and political achievements of women.

For Becker, this is a time to reflect on both the impact and triumphs that the strong women in our global organisation are making - each-and-every day.


Although we recognise this marked day will never be enough to celebrate the capabilities of women, Becker works hard to ensure that opportunities for learning, progression and personal and professional development are offered year-round.


We hear, appreciate, and recognise the powerful female ability in our team and across all departments.

Whilst International Women’s Day is a celebration - this day also marks a truly important call to action for accelerating women's equality. We understand that women are the minority in our industry, which is why speaking about inclusion and opportunity in Engineering is so important; also, not forgetting the importance of retaining female talent.


So, without further ado, we are delighted to hear from inspiring colleagues across Becker International, who share a voice in what marks a significant campaign – Inspiring Inclusion.



1. Suzu Ise-Woehlbier, Strategic Corporate Development
Gebr. Becker GmbH

Although Becker is a very locally rooted B2B mechanical engineering company with a long history, they have accepted me (Asian female) with open arms. I was always respected and given further opportunities to grow professionally and personally.


Women are still a minority in the male-dominated mechanical engineering industry but led by an open-minded female CEO, we are given equal opportunities, and diversity is celebrated at Becker.



2. Wendy Hoffert, Internal Sales Manager,
Becker Pumps - USA

Not long ago, I received a call from a woman entrepreneur seeking to acquire a vacuum pump repair facility. Unfortunately, she encountered discouragement, being told by numerous sources that women shouldn't be in this industry. This was disheartening. However, I found joy in sharing with her the inspiring stories of the remarkable women thriving at Becker Pumps in diverse roles.

I hold immense admiration and respect for these women who are making a significant impact in an industry still grappling with the question of our place.


I hope all Becker Pumps colleagues share my pride in the difference they are making, not only for our company but also for women, serving as a constant reminder of the collective impact we bring.



3. Sarah Musgrave, Internal Sales Coordinator
Becker UK

Becker UK has supported my need to develop and progress within the Internal Sales Team.


I was encouraged to go to Germany for training to better understand the world of pumps and compressors.


I enjoy being part of the Becker team sharing my day-to-day working time with my friends and colleagues who I know support me and also provide top-level comedy to make the days fly by.


I have a sense of empowerment within my job knowing I am trusted and have the confidence to do my day-to-day tasks without being micromanaged. This trust allows to me to step up when needed to deal with enquiries coming from customers. I can ask for help and know things will be explained to me in a manner that I understand and that helps me to recognise things going forward that I may have to approach differently.



4. Alexandra Cacereas, Sales Management
Becker Iberica

“We are like a family, and we can count on each other.”



5. Katie Douglas, Controller
Becker Pumps - USA

"The company culture at Becker not only fosters my professional development but also instils a profound sense of empowerment, knowing that my contributions are valued and respected. On this International Women's Day, I'm grateful for the opportunities and support I've received at Becker, and I'm proud to be part of a company that recognizes and celebrates the potential of every individual, regardless of gender."

6. Vanessa Klaholz, Marketing Manager
Gebr. Becker GmbH

I was embraced by the company and provided with fantastic opportunities for both professional and personal growth.


Last year, I had the privilege of travelling to our American subsidiary, Becker Pumps, where I collaborated with the local team and supported a trade show. This experience taught me a great deal and was invaluable to my development.


Becker's global marketing team is predominantly female, and it's fun to drive our goals forward with so much female power.



7. Monica Capdevila, Internal Sales Coordinator
Becker Iberica:

Working at Becker has allowed me to contribute all my knowledge and to discover new sides of myself that I didn't think possible. It has helped me to get out of my comfort zone, to be more determined and to mature as a professional.


What I like most about Becker is that we are really like a family. Wherever we come from, they always make me feel like one of them. There is a lot of collaboration and empathy.


Becker's values and ways of doing things have given me a lot of pleasant contributions, such as acquiring new skills, knowledge, and experiences thanks to their encouragement of learning. The teamwork and shared values give me a sense of purpose in my work. I feel that I am contributing to something great and this increases my motivation and job satisfaction.


Supporting innovation and creativity is another contribution Becker has given me; it allows me to explore new ideas and approaches in my work. I can try new things, learn from failures and develop innovative solutions.

It is a company that trusts me and gives me autonomy in decision-making, which allows me to take more control over my work. It gives me the freedom to take initiative, take responsibility and develop my own style of working.”


Becker is a real pleasure to work for."



8. Stacey Ankeny, Marketing Operations Manager
Becker Pumps - USA:

“One of the things I enjoy most about working at Becker is the culture focused on continuous learning and growth.


This has empowered me to step outside of my comfort zone and excel in my career.”



9. Paula Burnby, Accounts Assistant
Becker UK:

I appreciate the opportunities that Becker UK has given me to learn and grow. I am currently studying for my 2nd CIMA exam and my manager has been supporting my learning by encouraging me throughout and assisting to explain topics that I'm unsure about.


This course is providing valuable knowledge in management accounts and I appreciate the support I am being given.



10. Alice Cremonini, Internal Sales Coordinator
Becker Italy:

Working at Becker has given me the possibility to embrace challenges with keenness, passion, and dedication.


I've learned that success is the result of a collective effort, and that teamwork is a valuable and essential key to generating new powerful ideas and inspiring creativity, leading to a great company culture.


All these elements contribute to producing a positive work environment, which is one of the things that I enjoy the most here in Becker.



11. Natasha Wilkinson, Sales Administrator Apprentice
Becker UK:

The thing I most enjoy about being a part of the Becker team is how welcoming, kind and helpful everyone is.




A special thank you to each Becker colleague who helped share their story on International Women’s Day 2024.


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