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By taking a leap of faith and buying a single CNC machine in 2003, traditional door installer Michiel Oldenburg has become a leading custom-made wooden door supplier in the Netherlands. Currently equipped with 5 modern CNC woodworking machines, 24 skillful employees and a unique ABS frame finishing concept, Oldenburg deurbewerking produces more than 30.000 doors per year Delivering doors to hospitals, nursing homes, schools, offices, police stations, prisons and theaters.


“By having BECKER on our side, we could upgrade our productivity and efficiency to a whole new level. We can now concentrate more on what we do best; producing high quality doors!”

Michiel Oldenburg

Directeur Oldenburg Deurbewerking BV



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Oldenburg Deurbewerking BV



BECKER vacuum pumps are indispensable in the woodworking industry. CNC routers are equipped with vacuum pumps for milling under perfect conditions. An ideal and constant vacuum is extremely important to ensure safety for the operator and to deliver high quality products. Each CNC router is equipped with one or more vacuum pumps. This leads to noise pollution and an unfavourable maintenance situation. In addition, there is a chance of production loss if a pump fails and there is always a maximum energy consumption. Our challenge was to provide a high-quality vacuum system with minimal energy consumption, optimal maintenance situation, improved ergonomics and high operational safety.


Becker investigates

BECKER made a complete inventory of all CNC routers and their vacuum pumps. Together with Oldenburg, we looked at how a production week progresses and what simultaneity factor plays a role. What is the ultimate vacuum required for the application and what volume is needed to reach this vacuum?


The ideal solution

BECKER rotary vane vacuum pumps are well known in the woodworking industry. The existing pumps were taken out of production, away from the CNC routers. A new central vacuum system took their place. Instead of 5 vacuum pumps, only 3 pumps are now needed to provide the entire production with a stable vacuum. This central vacuum system is equipped with the BECKER VACON+ controler and operates only 3 rotary vane vacuum pumps with frequency converters.




A modern BECKER central vacuum system ensures a high level of operational safety and reliability. in addition, this results in an ideal maintenance situation. Colleagues in the production area are extremely satisfied with an improved ergonomic situation; reduced noise and heat emissions. There is a significant reduction in energy consumption of more than 50%, leading to
a serious reduction in costs.


Becker & Oldenburg
“By centralizing stand-alone vacuum pumps, we could reduce the total number of pumps from 5 down to 3. This resulted in more than 50% energy saving per year and significantly improved working environment in terms of noise and heat emissions.”

Michiel Oldenburg

Directeur Oldenburg Deurbewerking BV


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