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Carville are leading experts in precision plastic machining, high accuracy multi-layer diffusion bonded manifolds and complex CNC plastic fabrication. They serve demanding global markets including Medical, Life Sciences, Food, Beverage and many Industrial sectors.


How Becker helped Carville to become more sustainable


Becker provides a wide variety of vacuum pumps, compressors and vacuum systems to UK companies within different industry sectors. Below, Becker and Carville plastics showcase a real world case study and insights into how Becker can help you to reduce energy and maintenance costs with a central vacuum system.


Watch the case study video to see how Becker reduced energy consumption and maintenance costs at Carville Plastics.


Becker and Carville Plastics


How we helped Carville to MAKE IT Becker

Carville approached Becker to help reduce their energy consumption and maintenance costs.


Becker site specialists conducted a full site survey to ascertain the possibility of effectively and efficiently reducing energy consumption whilst also driving down Carville’s maintenance costs.


Previously Carville used compressed air via a simple Venturi system to generate vacuum on the machines, however, as the product mix has changed over the years the company has required a greater number of vacuum systems across many of their machines.


Generating a vacuum via a Venturi system is inefficient and puts an increasing demand on compressors. Becker advised that Carville were using significant amounts of energy in generating this compressed air and could benefit from a new central vacuum system.


Becker worked closely with Carville in designing an improved vacuum system. The new installation includes 4x BCV 300 Claw Vacuum Pumps all with integrated VARIAIR inverter drives. The claw technology is extremely low maintenance, which reduced annual maintenance costs significantly vs the existing compressor.


A two-phase install approach was agreed upon between both companies, which helped to minimise the disruption to the production facility and the installation itself went very smoothly.


Becker has made a name for itself worldwide in numerous application markets with vacuum pumps, compressors and air supply systems as a component and system supplier for many industry sectors including (but not exclusive to) woodworking, printing and paper, energy, medical, plastics, environmental and electronics industries.  Around 120,000 devices and systems leave the factories every year and are successfully installed in our client's businesses helping them to save time, costs and reduce energy consumption.


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Video Transcript

Richard Oxley – Managing Director – Becker:

Becker are a multinational compressor vacuum pump supplier, based in Germany. We provide a wide variety of vacuum pumps, compressors and systems to the whole of the UK.

Carville approached us with their problem and we conducted a full site survey to ascertain the possibility of reducing energy consumption and maintenance cost.


Vince Ellis - Managing Director – Carville:

Carville are a contract manufacturer of precision machine CNC plastics. We also specialize in high accuracy diffusion bonded manifolds and these are fluidic manifolds, a bit like a PCB, but for fluids. We supply these into the medical device industry, life sciences and diagnostics. 

Carville use our vacuum systems to securely hold down and position the plastic plates and vacuum fixtures ready for CNC machining.

We had an excess of compressed air in the facility and we basically used  that compressed are via a simple Venturi system to generate vacuums on the machines. But as the product mix has changed over the years we have required more and more vacuum systems across most of the machines.

Generating a vacuum  via a Venturi system is very inefficient so it put an increasing demand on the compressors.


Lawrence Huckley – Technical Sales Manager – Becker:

Carville approached us to see if we could provide a solution and reduce their energy consumption. Following that full site survey, Becker’s proposed solution was a new central vacuum system with all 22 CNC machines connected to a single ring main. The vacuum system consists of four BCV 300 Claw Pumps all with integrated VARIAIR inverter drives. The compression chamber inside the claw pumps is completely oil and contact free meaning the vacuum pumps are extremely reliable and low maintenance.


Richard Oxley:

The system is controlled by a VARIAIR Controller+ which matched the demand by increasing or decreasing the speed of the pumps. This ensures the minimum amount of energy is used at all times.


Vince Ellis:

We worked closely with Becker in designing how we would do the installation and we basically agreed we would do it in two phases and that really helped minimize the disruption to the production facility and the actual installation itself went very smoothly. From our experience with Becker, I would definitely recommend them.


Lawrence Huckley:

It has been fantastic working with Vince and the team. We have significantly reduced the energy consumption and that’s enabled a return on investment in less than two years.


Richard Oxley:

With energy prices constantly increasing, reducing energy consumption is a key driver for lot’s of businesses. Why not contact Becker today for a free site audit to see if you could achieve the same savings we’ve achieved here at Carville.